Nevada Pozzolan Ltd is seeking a joint venture partner to develop our multimillion ton natural pozzolan deposit into production

Aggregate Industrial Material for Concrete

Today concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the world, however modern coal fired energy processes necessary in the production of Portland cement contribute large portions of greenhouse gases. Over half of the coal fired plants have closed in the US reducing the supply of fly ash typically used in concrete and creating a demand for an alternative, natural pozzolan.

What is Natural Pozzolan?

Natural pozzolan is siliceous or siliceous aliuminus material derived from magmatic rock used as a supplementary cementitious material in concrete due to it’s low cost, durability and green advantages. Named after the Italian city Pozzouli located just outside of Naples, it was discovered and utilized by ancient Roman architects as a durable building material.

With it’s uniquely occurring cementitious qualities, natural pozzolan, not only decreases pollution by providing a carbon offset as a replacement for Portland cement and coal-fired fly ash in concrete, it also reduces cost of concrete and increases durability. Natural pozzolan has been used in projects ranging from the Pantheon of ancient Rome to modern engineering marvels like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bonneville Dam.

Natural Pozzolan Specimen
Pantheon, Rome – Still Standing After 2000 Years

Location and Infrastructure

Our deposit is located on private property within the Yerington Mining District of Lyon County, 67 miles southeast of Reno, Nevada and 48 miles south of Fernley.


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Chemistry & Geology

The volcanic tuff with pozzolanic properties is the Bluestone Mine Tuff as described by Proffett and Proffett, 1976, “Stratigraphy of the Tertiary Ash-Flow Tuffs in the Yerington District, Nevada”, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Report.

Large Deposit of Volcanic Tuff

Our natural pozzolan deposit is a large deposit of volcanic tuff, up to 980 feet thick and over one mile in length. The volcanic tuff has the potential for production of tens of millions of tons of natural pozzolan.

Excellent Performance and Durability

A series of samples indicate the volcanic tuff has pozzolanic properties that meet or exceed ASTM C618 guidelines.

One Hundred Percent Carbon Offset

A supplementary cementitious material, as a replacement for coal fired fly ash and Portland cement in concrete, natural pozzolan provides a 100% carbon offsent and reduces embodied carbon in structures and slabs.

Historic Building Material

Discovered and utilized by ancient Roman architects as a durable building material with cementitious properties when mixed with water, natural pozzolan was used to build the Pantheon in Rome, the largest non-reinforced concrete dome ever built and still standing today.

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